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There are many things in the works for Goldilocks Goodies! Please follow GoldilocksGF on twitter, Facebook, or this site for information about where to buy these products.

In Maryland:

Now available at Kefa Cafe (963 Bonifant St. Silver Spring, MD 20910).  The grain-free peanut butter cookies are available right next to the checkout counter and at their kiosk in the downtown Silver Spring Library.

Maryland Food Collective is located in the STAMP building on the University of Maryland campus, College Park (map here).  They carry a variety of fresh-baked muffins, sandwich bread, and my nut-butter cookies.  Custom-orders and care packages can be ordered and delivered to campus at no extra charge!  (E-mail me at emily@goldilocksgoodies.com if you’re interested.)

Neopol Savory Smokery – delicious smoked salmon, whitefish and bacon on fresh-baked gluten-free bread for a selection of rotating gourmet sandwiches.  Check out their stand inside Belvedere Square (529 E. Belvedere Ave. Baltimore, MD 21212).

In Washington, DC:

Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market & Cafe (1781 Florida Ave NW at the corner of Florida & California) a year-round community marketplace and hangout is open 7 days a week.  Goldilocks Goodies cookies will be on the shelves and some bread loaves baked fresh and delivered on Fridays and Saturdays.

La Mano Coffee Bar is in Takoma Park (304 Carroll St.) right across from the metro stop.  Grab a great mug of coffee and the ONLY place to get a fresh-toasted, gluten-free egg sandwich on my sandwich bread to go in the morning… plus cookies.

GCDC – DC’s exclusive grilled cheese restaurant using Goldilocks Goodies gluten-free bread for perfectly grilled, cheesy gourmet sandwiches (1730 Pennsylvania Ave NW DC).

Open City – already a great go-to area restaurant for classics and gluten-free options now serving Goldilocks Goodies bread for toast and sandwiches (2331 Calvert St NW, DC).

Sona Creamery – thrilled to offer Goldilocks Goodies bread for their signature grilled cheeses and hamburgers.  A charming wine and cheese restaurant in Eastern Market, DC.

In Virginia:

First area presence in VA!  At Salud Healthy Pantry in Great Falls, VA (1137 Walker Road).  Honored to be a part of their wide selection of gluten-free, vegan, organic, and natural grocery items with my PB Chocolate Chip Cookies and Double Chocolate Pecan cookies.

Mike’s Deli at Lazy Sundae in Falls Church has a great selection of prepared sandwiches hot off the grill.  Make sure you leave room for homemade ice cream!

South Block Juice Co. – little snack packs of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies are now available in their cafe!  Grab a fresh-pressed cold juice, cookies and some raw snacks at this powerhouse cafe (Arlington, VA).

Yes! Organic Petworth (4100 Georgia Ave NW) carries gluten-free sandwich bread and cinnamon raisin bread in the freezer and PB Chocolate chip cookies on the shelves.

In the DMV area:

For areas of MD, DC, VA and NC: Relay Foods is carrying Goldilocks Goodies’ 2 flavors of cookies and original chocolate whoopie piesFind out if there’s a pick-up location near you or if you live in an area qualified for home delivery!

Washington Green Grocer has been providing farm-fresh, locally-made items to DC area for over 20 years!  Proud to say they now carry Goldilocks Goodies fresh-baked sandwich bread.

empanadasIn Pennsylvania:

Goldilocks Goodies are on sale at Lemon Street Market. (241 West Lemon Street, Lancaster, PA 17603). A full range of products including PB Chocolate Chip cookies, sandwich bread, pie crusts and whoopie pies.  Pre-order pies available for pick-up through the holidays – check the store for details.

The Bottega from East King Culinary (110 E. King Street, Lancaster, PA) is a small lunch spot with seasonally-prepared soup, salad and panini.  Everything is fresh, made with love, and using locally-sourced ingredients – just like Goldilocks Goodies!  Pick up some nut-butter cookies while you grab lunch or browse the other locally-crafted items in the shop.

In New York:

Farm To People: curating local, small-batch, and quality products for the New York area. Goldilocks Goodies cookies are proud to be included among the selection.  Check out their site for wonderful products that make great gifts.

cupcakesI also take orders for birthday cupcakes, seasonal treats, holiday parties and care packages.  If you live in the DC area, you may pick up your order from me at any of the Community Markets listed above.  Due to the fragility of my baked goods, I can only ship my cookies.  If you would like to personally order treats, please email emily@goldilocksgoodies.com for items, prices and availability.  We can currently ship next day to NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE, DC and VA.

If you have recommendations of coffee shops or grocery stores in your area you would like to see carry gluten-free baked goods, please submit a comment or e-mail through the site or Facebook page.  Thank you!

21 thoughts on “Where to Buy

  1. Is there any place in Delaware that carries your products? Also could you give me an idea of the nutrition of your products-i.e. carbs, etc. and also pricing. Thank you for your help.

    • Marsha – thanks for your interest! I don’t have any stores in Delaware that carry my products. The list above is updated on a regular basis. My cookies are $15/dozen and I can ship them to the lower 48 states (S&H additional). I haven’t done nutritional analysis in lab, but they are made of nut butters and maple syrup and they are cookies! They will have a calorie count that you would expect in a cookie (vs a diet bar), but also the protein, healthy fats, fiber and vitamin/mineral content of nuts.

      • We are living in Germany and I would like to know where to buy Goldilocks Goodies? Thanks

      • Hi my name is Gabby. I am dairy free and gluten free i am allergic to almost everything. We do not have any bakery in lancaster that are both so yes do you know the phone number to the one in lancaster you were talkin about?

      • Gabby, Not sure what bakery in Lancaster you’re referring to but there is one in Philadelphia called Sweet Freedom that makes gluten-free and vegan sweets. The shop in downtown Lancaster called Lemon Street Market carries a lot of specialty food items, including my cookies that are gluten-free and dairy-free. Hope that helps!

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    • Britany, thanks for being a fan! I want to ask GCDC if they’d considering retailing and it probably wouldn’t hurt if you ask them, too, so they know it’s coming from their customers. Right now the only place that sells it is Little Red Fox at Connecticut and Nebraska. Or, if for some reason you commute to DC from the Columbia/Baltimore, MD area, you can get it through the Friends and Farms CSA basket.

  10. Hi, I had your bread at Sona Creamery in Washington, D.C. and it was delicious. Is there a way I can buy it online?


    • Thanks for being a fan! Unfortunately, I only deliver it to restaurants now but I’ll talk to Sona about perhaps offering it retail as well. I feel like you’re not the first person to ask there, so it might be a good idea!

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  13. Do you ship the gluten free bread? I live in Boston, but I was in DC and I had it at Open City- it’s the best gluten free bread I’ve EVER had!

    • Erika, Thanks for being a fan! I can ship them next day to Boston now that fall/winter is here :) My bread doesn’t have any preservatives so it needs to be cold stored. Send me an email emily@goldilocksgoodies.com with how many loaves you’d like and I’ll figure out shipping costs and send you a link on paypal. They normally retail for $13 for a 2 lb. loaf but I’ll charge $10 if you order more than one.

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