Goldilocks Goodies is Green!

While the official color of Goldilocks Goodies would be the beautifully vintage-inspired butter gold from my designers at Round Peg Communications, the unofficial color of Goldilocks Goodies is green.

I introduced you to my hybrid delivery car, Penny (in her own debut here) to you last year, but Goldilocks Goodies is more than that.  Here are some examples of my commitment to being green:

barn scape 2 Lancaster County

  • Composting all kitchen scraps
  • Wrapping cookies in compostable/recyclable cellulose bags
  • Labels printed on FSC paper with soy ink
  • 100% waterless, carbon-neutral printer
  • Rice paper bags for my cookies and pasta
  • Using local business services (insurance, accounting, design, etc.) which minimizes my travel to see them and keeps dollars re-invested in the local economy
  • Buying fruit & produce from local, Amish-owned farms and orchards
  • Using all natural, whole food ingredients (minimal processing)
  • Donating proceeds at annual fundraiser to Lancaster Farmland Trust a lancaster farmland trust logonon-profit committed to preserving farmland
  • Best-selling cookies are dairy-free and egg-free (no animal products)
  • Selling to other locally-owned shops that support their community and have long-established environmentally-friendly practices (selling in bulk, refilling containers, cloth bags, etc)
  • Being a member of Think Local First and LCCI Think Local

    think local LCCI logo

  • Packaging and containers from kitchen delivered to a recycling center
  • Buying wholesale from local Amish-owned stores to support them and avoid extra truck deliveries

I feel lucky to be able to bring all natural, delicious treats to my neighbors in both cities and states with a minimal carbon footprint and continue to look for ways to make it more sustainable.   If you have ideas, please share!

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