GCDC opens this month in downtown DC and I’m excited to say that you can order an artisanal grilled cheese on Goldilocks Goodies fresh-baked gluten-free bread!  I’m personally excited about the Kim-Cheese Steak (read about it in the Express here).


gg in big apple My kickstarter campaign ends next Tuesday, so I will either be announcing it’s success or announcing the extreme scaling-back of my operations so I can repair my health after the back-breaking and overworked schedule I’ve maintained for the past 2 years.  Your help will make the difference!


 GG Goodie BoxSalud, the Healthy Pantry is taking sign-ups for their CSA season until April 25 and they’re offering my Goldilocks Goodies “Best Of” sampler box as an add-on.  It includes my sandwich bread, a loaf of Veggie-Fetti super bread, a fudge brownie, a muffin, and a vegetarian quiche.  Contact the store to sign up.


 DC’s first monthly happy hour series featuring exclusively gluten-free food and drink is happening again!  the hour shortApril 23 at Willow Fashion including sweets and savories from Goldilocks Goodies, Kate Bakes, and No 1 Sons.  An open bar with cocktails and Omission Beer, plus shop discounts, a season first preview and gift bags for the first 10 ticket purchases! Only $25 entrance and you get to bring a friend for free!

Until then, my vegan & gluten-free everything bagels can be found at La Mano Coffee Bar in Takoma, my fresh-baked cinnamon cardamom raisin bread at Little Red Fox, my quiches and brownies at Pleasant Pops, my cookies at Kefa Cafe, Salud and Lemon Street Market and a variety of goodies through Friends and Farms, Maryland Food Co-op, and Relay Foods.  Thanks for supporting a small business and these locally-owned shops!

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