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Adventures of an Allergic Foodie “An Allergic Foodie Finds a ‘Just Right’ Cookie” (May 6, 2014)  “OMG, these are so gooooood.  I’m a Vermont girl, so I love the maple syrup flavor.”

Sans Soy “Goldilocks Goodies Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies” (March 3, 2014) “Yes, Goldilocks Goodies Double Chocolate Pecan cookies were just right for a soy-free, vegan, gluten-free treat.”

Glutie Foodie “Getting to Know Goldilocks Goodies” (December 26, 2013)  “Two years ago, Robins’ fruitless quest for a nourishing, satisfying, gluten-free cookie ended at her stand mixer. Out of desperation she created Goldilocks Goodies’ signature, grain-free, nut-butter cookies [. …]

Gluten Free DC “Goldilocks Goodies” (November 19, 2013) “These cookies are absolutely amazing.”

Gluten-Free-Girl  “Pennsylvania Potluck ” (September 19, 2013)

Phoebe’s Pure Food “Tried it Tuesday: Goldilocks Goodies” (August 13, 2013) “You had me at, hello.   No eggs…uh, we must have been meant for each other  [. . . ]

Amanda McClements “STYLE: Pie Party Pics” at Salt & Sundry  (July 3, 2013)   Pie Party at Salt and Sundry

Washington Post “How D.C.’s food entrepreneurs are cutting costs” by Mohana Ravindranath (April 28, 2013)  “Twice a week for the past year, the Northwest Washington resident has made a two-hour trek to her hometown, Lancaster, Pa., in her Toyota Prius. [ . . . ]

Luri & Wilma Love, Food “Gal on the Up” by Michelle Goldchain (January/February 2013 issue p 47)  “Raised in a family that traditionally cook home prepared meals from fresh ingredients from the farm, Robins described having high quality, fresh, local ingredients for cooking as a tradition in itself. [ .. . . ]

City Life Eats “Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market & Cafe, Washington, DC” (January 28, 2013) ” .. . based in Lancaster County, PA, Emily bakes up some fantastic little gluten-free treats, most of which are vegan, and all of which use locally-sourced ingredients. [. . . . ]

Brightest Young Things “BYT Gift Guide 2012” (December 12, 2012)  byt holiday gift guide 2012

Gluten Free? Gimme Three! “Goldilocks Goodies” (November 25, 2012) “Emily uses high-quality ingredients and imaginative recipes to make some delicious baked goods. [ . . .. ]

Tasting Table “Goldi Standard” (November 14, 2012) “Once upon a time it was hard to find vegan, gluten-free pastries that tasted good. [ . . .. ]

“Treats for All” on Vimeo made by Ana Namaki (October 1, 2012)

Meeps Grand Opening Events from The President Wears Prada (August 20, 2012)

Merchandiser “Valentine’s Alternative Aims for Sweet Relief” (2/08/2012)

Community Bridges Art Showcase Program (January 2012)

Keep Food Legal – Ask a Supporter (January 2012)

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