Headed to the Big Apple!

Dear fans and supporters,
Goldilocks Goodies is headed to NYC this weekend to participate in the Food + Enterprise Conference and is a finalist in a pitch competition this Sunday, March 1, as a sustainable food maker. A whole-hearted THANK YOU to y’all for getting me to this point. My commitment to providing wholesome, quality baked goods from local ingredients has never wavered, and my hope in 2015 is to reach a wider regional customer base.

me in kitchen 3

In addition to the pitch, the hosts are giving us the opportunity to fundraise on Barnraiser, a new platform for food and agriculture projects. I’m excited to reach a national audience, and will be promoting free shipping around the country for cookie order placed through Barnraiser. (The link goes live Friday, February 27).

Again, thank you for your continued support and love of Goldilocks Goodies!

Turning Over a New Leaf

This time of year has always felt like a more appropriate New Year than in January, when the light is always quick to go, the cold nights are all the same, and it’s hard to get motivated to start something new.  During Fall, the harvest happening outside my window in Lancaster County feels like a fresh start.  One cycle is clearly coming to an end, and as bales are tightly packed with twine and corn is filling the silo for the winter ahead, it seems a more appropriate time to reflect on the past year and start brainstorming for the year ahead.  Before the busy holiday season, and travel plans and party hosting, October is the best, with sunny days and crisp air, to set an inspired to-do list.

With a warm cup of apple cider in hand, I’m thinking about how many products I’ve made and shared with you.  I started with flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies in the summer of 2011 with friends and family.  They’ve remained a best seller, but I’ve been so happy getting creative with seasonal cakes and muffins that are based on my mom’s recipes that I enjoyed when I was younger and had to convert to gluten-free.   Goldilocks Goodies is also about to go through a physical change with a new brand reveal coming soon that more reflects my family ties to Lancaster County, my objective to maintain the farming lifestyle here with local suppliers and to one day buy back the farmland that belonged to my great-grandfather.  I’m excited to debut it this month and to continue expanding my markets, along with appreciative fans and new friends.

I’m still a one-woman show, (plus my mom giving incredible support of her time and talent in the kitchen!), and will try my best to accommodate holiday orders, care packages and new vendors for Goldilocks Goodies as well as getting in the test kitchen with your wonderful ideas of savory items, sandwich breads, handmade chocolates and more.  I love to hear your feedback and recipe ideas, and of course, your continued support of my goodies keeps me going!   What do you have planned for the new year?