Goldilocks Goodies are deliciously rich, fresh-baked, all natural and completely satisfying gluten-free treats born in Lancaster, PA  . . . Just Right™

Thank you for your interest!  I sold wholesale gluten-free products for the mid-Atlantic and a few regional and national on-line retailers.  A few of my unique recipes, including my branding are available for someone to pick up the torch providing gluten-free products to a market hungry for quality, taste and responsible sourcing.


 For ordering or inquiries please email:


23 thoughts on “Goldilocks Goodies are deliciously rich, fresh-baked, all natural and completely satisfying gluten-free treats born in Lancaster, PA  . . . Just Right™

  1. I just bought an ice cream shop in Easton MD. Had a cookie in Washington DC at a great coffee shop and and would like to possibly sell your cookies. Please let me know how I would go about doing this. Thank you.

  2. Just saw the article about you in the Washington Post — can’t wait to try your goodies! Great website, too, by the way — kudo’s to the designer. Easy to navigate, easy to read, and just the right amount of information.

  3. Can’t wait to see your goodies at the Loudoun Lyme event. You will be my first stop. I have been gluten free for 2 years, but my kids are allergic to eggs and milk.It will be an extra special treat that we can all have a cookie!!!

    • Thanks, Reagan – I can’t wait to share them with you and your family! Be sure to introduce yourself at the event!

  4. Emily! I bought a loaf of your KAPOW bread, and a loaf of the Banana bread at the Petworth market today. The KAPOW only lasted about 3 hours… I’ve never been a big bread fan, but your gluten-free bread is flavorful and not filling. I’ll will see you tomorrow at Union Market to get a couple more loafs.

    • Great to hear! Thank you for the praise, Dwight. I’ll see you tomorrow at Union Market . .. . I’m up all night tonight baking more!

  5. Sampled your kapow bread today at Petworth farmers market. Really enjoyed it and wish you the best. If you ever need an intern…….

  6. I recently took part in your gluten-free cookie baking class at the LivingSocial building in DC. I was told that the recipes would later be e-mailed to us at the conclusion of the class, but have yet to receive the e-mail. Would you be able to send me the recipes? I would love to recreate them in my own kitchen for the holidays! Thanks so much!

    • Allison, thanks for taking the class! I’m sorry you didn’t get the recipes yet. I’ll e-mail the Living Social organizer, but I believe they’re on holiday until Tuesday so it might be a couple of days until you get them.

  7. Hi Emily, Loved your class this past Saturday afternoon! Thanks for doing these types of events. I got some of your bread and love it, the first GF bread I’ve had that doesn’t shrink, crumble or tastes like cardboard. Hope you find a place to sell it in the MD area soon (perhaps Roots Market would be a good place). Happy Holiday!

    • Samantha, So glad to hear you loved the class and the bread! I will definitely contact Roots to see if they are interested. For now, it is available for retail at Little Red Fox in Cleveland Park, at the MD Food Collective on the University of MD campus (College Park) and at the soon-to-open creamery by Eastern Market, Sona.

  8. I bought a loaf of the Sandwich Bread at Little Red Fox last Friday, and I told you I was going to go home and eat a slice with olive oil, but you suggested butter might be better. You were right! The bread was fantastic, and butter brought out the flavor. I love this bread!

    • I exclusively bake gluten-free items but I do share a kitchen with other companies. The equipment and tables are all sterilized, and I use my own bowls, measuring equipment and tray liners and there are no other gluten products in the ovens when I am using them. Hope that answers your question.

  9. My wonderful sister, Nance Meyerhoffer, has become a Gluten free champion for me. I have Celiac Disease, and cardiac issues as well, since 2008. Back then the choices were few and far between, and we threw alot of bread outside for the squirrels; even they didn’t eat it because it tasted so bad! I will try your breads next. Your cookies are amazing! I have tried many companies; many of my own attempts as well. What is needed as well is low calorie, low fat choices for people like me! Maybe you could try that next! That market seems to be untapped.

  10. Just got to sample your peanut butter chocolate chip cookies through my farm to people subscription…Oh my they are quite possibly the best tasting cookies i’ve had to date! I will be putting an order in for some more soon 🙂

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