Behind the Design Part 2

This is the continuation of the story behind my brand and showcases the wonderful design team that has worked with me the past year.

It all started around a table in the back room of Busboys & Poets where Live Green was sponsoring an informational meeting about Certified B Corporations.  I was about a month into my business, and knew from the start that I wanted to create a triple bottom line company.  I didn’t want to greatly increase my carbon footprint by starting it, and I wanted to impact the neighboring community in Lancaster and DC in a positive way.  Sitting next to me was Roundpeg Communications, a company based in Wheaton, MD that works exclusively with companies that do social good (defined by their website as: “mission driven non-profits, social service agencies and socially responsible businesses”).  Polina, one of the owners, is herself gluten-free and so was personally and professionally interested in working on the branding for Goldilocks Goodies.

They asked all the right questions and got to the heart of what I was trying to convey with my brand.  I had no idea how to put it in words but they worked their magic and skill and have created a memorable logo that reflects my hardworking heritage with a homegrown, quality product.

facebook banner

Not only did they do some re-branding of their own in 2012 (previously they were Nana Design) they also got their BCorp Certification and by the end of the year they unveiled the finished logo and label for my versatile and delicious cookies.  I’m so happy they have a look and package that honor the handmade craft, premium ingredients and local love that go into every bite.

label picture GGAnd you don’t have to take my word for it.  It also won a 2013 Graphic Design USA Award for Package Design.  I am so proud of this recognition for the passion and talent of the team at RoundPeg Communications and my cookies!  What do you think of the design?

4 thoughts on “Behind the Design Part 2

  1. It was a blast working with Emily on this identity project. It’s not on every project we get to sample delicious, home-made treats for research. We liked the baked goods so much, we gave them to all of our other clients as holiday gifts.

  2. The original logo was eye catching & memorable, however, the current round logo introduced a while back is superb. Would be notable among iconic brand logos like The North Face, Oakley, Helly Hansen, Patagonia. Instantly recognizable & inspiring.

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