Change your Conventional Birthday Cakes!

Hello everyone!

This past weekend I celebrated my 22nd birthday with my friends, family, and of course some cake. Now, in the past years I’ve just gone to our local grocery store bakery and ordered a yellow sheet cake with buttercream frosting. Since this year would be a little different I inquired if they made gluten-free cakes and was disappointed to hear that they did not. They offered to bake and decorate any prepackaged gluten-free cake mix you brought in, but let’s face it, anyone can make prepackaged goodies. So, I decided to branch out and change my conventional birthday cake to something a little more fun and a lot more gluten-free.

For my cake I made a gluten-free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The recipe I used can be found here, but you can use your favorite carrot cake recipe and replace with any gluten-free flour mix.

You can even decorate it with walnuts and shaved carrots!

You can even decorate it with walnuts and shaved carrots!

And don’t always feel like you have to make a conventional vanilla or chocolate birthday cake! Mix it up! Go for key lime, lemon blueberry, or even cake pops! Everyone will love your new ideas and even if you end up not liking it you can always go back to you local grocery store and grab a gluten-free mix.

Let us know what new birthday cake flavors you come up with!

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