Food + Enterprise, Commercial Kitchen, New Accounts!

Wow! What a month!

Four weeks ago I was in New York as a finalist for the Food + Enterprise pitch competition but the 3-day conference was so much more than that. It was a community of hundreds of activists: farmers, lawyers, investors, civil servants and small batch producers concerned about food.  Truly amazing to be surrounded by folks that agree that the way we grow, make and consume food in America is not only a problem but also where we can start to fix things.

photo GG owner in WSJ

I tied for 3rd in my presentation (HUGE thanks to RoundPeg Communications for editing and polishing my slides) and I was so honored to be awarded a scholarship for a Food Entrepreneur Certificate Program by Natural Gourmet Institute this fall. I also launched a fundraising campaign on Barnraiser that weekend.  I’ve reached my tilt goal from supportive and generous fans like you, but I am still accepting donations until April 3. Your gift will get you a dozen cookies with free shipping or an invitation to an exclusive gluten-free event in DC or NYC.

goldilocksgf picture high res

This campaign is, in part, funding my move to DC’s newest community commercial kitchen, Mess Hall. This move will allow me to bake more, and to bake more efficiently as I grow my business.  I need more bread pans and mixing bowls, as well as new certifications for the District (ah – permits!).

Speaking of growth, I’m happy to add FOUR new locations for Goldilocks Goodies starting next week!  My breads will be available at Sona, DC’s first and only creamery in Eastern Market, and my cookies will be for sale at South Block Juice Co in Arlington, VA, Third Space Wellness in downtown Silver Spring, and  .. . .  the first availability in New York through Farm to People!   Sona GF Grilled Cheese 2

You can still find my treats at your favorite local shops, like:

Pleasant Pops
Kefa Cafe
the Maryland Food Collective at UMD
La Mano Coffee Bar (gluten-free breakfast sandwiches!)
Washington’s Green Grocer
Salud, the Healthy Pantry
Relay Foods
Lemon Street Market (gluten-free shoo-fly pies!)

and at these neighborhood gourmet restaurants:

Open City
Neopol Smokery at Belvedere Square

.. . with more being added soon!  As you can see, a lot is happening with Goldilocks Goodies right now.  Thank you so much for being a fan of quality, gluten-free treats and offering your support, purchasing power, and generous donations during this time.  If you have ideas about restaurants or stores you’d like to see carry Goldilocks Goodies, please have the owner contact me, or send me an email about it!

Pin Pin

An exciting weekend for Goldilocks Goodies! Just finished our first ever Gluten-Free Expo, hopefully beginning an annual tradition to meet fellow gluten-free business owners, bakers, and foodies.  If you attended, you had the chance to meet my mom and dad, who were my volunteer staff for the event.  My mom is my fellow-baker and knowledge of all things baking in the kitchen.  We put on some Motown, aprons, and get to work in the kitchen together! My dad got to wear the apron this time at the expo. 

If you were one of the attendees, then you also got a giveaway from me – a handmade personalized clothespin.  I wanted to give something useful that speaks to Goldilocks Goodies brand as hand-made, recyclable, and thoughtful.  Here’s a list to get you started of the many uses of clothespins.  Feel free to add a suggestion in the comment section.

1. Use them on curtains – either to tie back or to hold closed (in hotel room when traveling)

2. Clip on dryer sheet so can easily find and re-use while scent still lasts.

3. Clip dishtowel to pant/skirt waist for instant apron.

4. Clip to edge of covered saucepan to let a little steam escape.

5. Keep outdoor Christmas lights in place

6. Hold cloth in place while hemming if you don’t have a safety pin

7. Clip to handle of dish taking to potluck with description of dish/owner

8.  Keep a book open to your page if you’re reading while eating or as a bookmark

9. Clip business cards together after an event to follow-up the next day

10. Clip on ribbon of wrapped gift to attach a gift card

More creative ideas can be found on my Pinterest board

Thanks, Mom!

Pop Quiz: How many homemade cookies has your mother made you? If she’s anything like my mother, waaaay too many to count!  It seems like she baked something every day – oatmeal for breakfast or cookies when I got home from school or pies on holidays. I admit I was spoiled with all these homemade treats – and it’s what motivated me to create a business that made treats just as delicious as my mom made – except, this time, gluten-free.  I’ve put together a few cookie jars of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies that you can gift to your mom this Sunday.  They’ll be available Wednesday in Silver Spring (Lee Building corner of Georgia & Colesville), Friday at the Petworth Community Market and Saturday at the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace.   Sit down with her over a glass of milk or tea and thank her for all she’s done!